Supdrive NFT series to be released by maker of Vine & Lootbag NFTs

Supdrive NFT is slated to be a fantasy console located on the Ethereum blockchain, in which each

Supdrive aims to be the world’s first on-chain games. Each NFT will be a separate virtual machine running a simple game. The games are hypothesized to be similar to the old Mario games or Flappybird.

What is Supdrive NFT?

Each NFT will be a unique game, possibly playable only by the NFT owner. Or, there is some speculation that the NFT game owner could allow others to play the game.

Dom, the creator of Supdrive has created Lootbag, Blitmap and the video app Vine.

Sup Drive Teams

Supdrive has 3 teams associated with it on discord: a green team, a blue team, and a red team. Members of the discord are not associated with a particular team when they first join. At any time, they can choose a team by typing “role-[color]” on the “choose-team” thread. At least initially, members were able to switch between teams at any time.

Supdrive Early Supporters

On Friday November 5th, 2021 at 7:38 PM Dom posted an announcement in the Supdrive Discord Announcements channel that a snapshot just had just been taken of the Discord members. The members already follow the Supdrive NFT discord page at that time are considered “early sup-porters” and will be granted some privilege at some point.

On Wednesday November 10th 2021 at 2:09 PM, another announcement was posted on the Discord channel. This announcement let early supporters know that they had 24 hours to join a color team. It was not announced what the consequences were of joining or not joining a team, other than in order to enjoy the perks of being an early supporter, a team must be joined by the afternoon of Thursday November 11th 2021.

Supdrive NFT
Supdrive NFTs

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