How to Buy Disney NFTs

Disney has published a series of NFTs on in November 2021 featuring iconic Disney characters. Disney now has a variety of digital goods available for purchase, including non-fungible tokens depicting beloved characters from Disney, Pixars, Star Wars, Marvel & more.

Where to buy Disney NFTs?

The Disney NFT series will be available on the mobile app Veve. The Veve app runs on top of Immutable X, which is a Layer 2 Ethereum side chain. Most NFTs are available on marketplaces such as OpenSea, but Disney is going a more exclusive route.

Veve is an app available on Android and Apple. On Oct. 27th, 2021, Veve tweeted “In celebration of @DisneyPlus Day, @Disney & VeVe are collaborating to launch a series of digital collectibles featuring beloved characters and iconic items from some of the world’s most beloved stories!”.

How to buy Disney NFTs?

First, download the Veve app on your device. Then, purchase Veve “gems”. The gems, currently priced at about $1/gem, are the currency used within the Veve collectors app. After you have gems in your Veve digital wallet, you can use them to purchase available NFTs in the app, including Disney NFTs.

How to buy Disney NFT
How to buy Disney NFT

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